Robin Good: Springpad is both a web and a mobile app that you can use to curate visual collections on any topic.


Unlike Pinterest and similar visual boards, Springpad allows you to add just about any type of content to a collection while it auto-enriches it everytime possible with additional contextual information.


For example if you include a book or a movie into a collection Springpad will gather and display relevant information next to it (author, description, reviews, where to buy it, etc.).


Springpad boards are called "notebooks" and they can be personalized in their look, and made private or public. You can also invite additional contributors and offer a customized providing different views of your collection.


Content can be added to a "notebook" via standard bookmarklet or by using an internal search feature which gathers all types of relevant content.


Works right in your browser and in your favorite smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android).


Free to use.




Download for iOS:


Download for Android:


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Via Robin Good