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This article by Jason Fell for is important reading for small business owners - particularly those in industries with regular news updates.


It clearly demonstrates the need for Small Businesses in some industries to publish Quality Content on a regular basis or risk being skipped in Search and who has time to create fresh content everyday? This is another reason why smart business will learn how to curate relevant content to their audience or hire someone to do it for them.


The standout points are:


***The Panda update, which put higher priority in high-quality content affected 12% of Search.


***The new update, putting more emphasis on "the most up-to-date results" is expected to affect up to 35% of all Google Searches!


***"It seems to me that the biggest impact on small-business owners will be that, in some industries, it will be near impossible to get visibility with a small, rarely-updated website," says Matt McGee, executive news editor at SEO-focused news site Search Engine Land.


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