The Missing Piece: The Learner - Moving to a Learner-Centered Environment | Curating-Social-Learning |

Over the last decade conversations have been about analyzing the data to improve test scores.  The time has come to change the conversation to "The Learner" who has been the missing piece.  Once we understand the learner and how they learn, then transformation of our educational systems can begin.


The learner needs to be part of the daily conversations from now on:  no longer The Missing Piece.


Questions to consider when moving to a learner-centered environment:


> Who are the learners today?
> How do learners learn best?
> How do we meet the needs of the diverse learners in the classroom?
> What is the new role of the teacher?
> How is the role of the learner changing?
> Why is there a culture shift with these new roles?
> How can teachers and learners be partners in lesson design?
> How will teachers prepare to be the guide and partner in learning?
> How will learners express their understanding of what they know?
> What learning environment will be created for these learners?

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Via Kathleen McClaskey, Pippa Davies @PippaDavies , kathymcdonough