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Here is this week’s roundup of 5 resources about social learning and the use of social media for learning. Again lots of great articles to choose from this week.

  • 1 – We start this week with a couple of educational resources. The first is So.cl. This is a research experiment, from Microsoft, for students focused on combining web browsing, search, and social networking for the purposes of learning.
  • 2 – The second resource is Judy O’Connell’s presentation, New Culture of Learning, which looks a Web 2.0 in education but also looks ahead to Web 3.0.
  • 3 – And now we move to social approaches in the workplace. In his recent article Joshua David explains the value of social collaboration (which of course includes social learning) in the enterprise and how the social intranet is a key place to supporting this.
  • 4 - Harold Jarche says that one major challenge in helping organizations improve collaboration and knowledge-sharing is getting people to see themselves as nodes in various networks, with different types of relationships between them. He believes we need to look at this with new eyes. Here is just one of the ways that he describes
  • 5 – And finally, to complete this week’s round-up of resource Pam Moore writes a posting called Social Business, it’s NOT about the next big thing, that is chock full of good advice for those wanting to encourage social and collaborative approach to learning and working in the workplace. Here are some key points: