Curaduria de contenidos y Preservacion digital
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Curaduria de contenidos y Preservacion digital
Curaduria de contenidos para seleccionar. Preservacion para conservar el patrimonio digital.
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26 Ways to Create Social Media Engagement With Content Marketing | Social Media Examiner

26 Ways to Create Social Media Engagement With Content Marketing | Social Media Examiner | Curaduria de contenidos y Preservacion digital |
Social Media Engagement: how to use content to nurture engagement with your audience in a way that's easy and manageable.
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Recomendaciones para crear contenido atractivo.

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We Need Social Producers: Catalysts for Conversations, Info & ROI

We Need Social Producers: Catalysts for Conversations, Info & ROI | Curaduria de contenidos y Preservacion digital |

This wonderful piece was written by Brian Solis and as always, he captured the essence of what's needed to move your content to the next level, where your audience becomes an active participant. This is where relationships and communities are built, brand advocates, word of mouth and commerce follows if this is done right.


Here's what caught my attention:


Social Producers are the new storytellers


**To thrive in social, mobile and new media in general, we need much more than content producers, we need a new breed of designers that grasp the elements of online sharing and have mastered the ART of social media


**They know how to  trigger desirable (and social) actions, reactions and transactions


**A new genre of social producers are taking aim at developing content strategies that are not only consumable, they're shareable, actionable and act as catalysts or sparks for relevant conversations.


**These social producers are in fact masters of their domains and understand the culture and the laws of information commerce within each


The difference between Social Producers and traditional content creators is they begin with social outcomes


**they understand the relationship between cause and effect and they bake-in conversation starters related to an integrated and business-focused strategy


**Social producers think about the overall experience and the effect where a social object is at the center of the dialogue and interaction they envision....within each network


**The overall story and outcome defines the nature of the social object.




**Beyond shareability, the social producers also think about resonance. Conversations on social networks move quickly.


**What was trending an hour ago gives way to  the next social object that captures everyone's attention until that too is replaced by the next shiny object and so on.


**Resonance is a technique that allows a social object to enjoy a greater lifespan and continue to swim upstream while other content strategies wash away in real-time.


**As you think about your content strategy for social networks, do so from the perspective of a social producer.


**While the social effect is certainly a goal, the social effect is also the result of social design.


**In the end, people are going to talk, so give them something to talk about!


Curated by Jan Gordon covering, "Curation, Social Business and Beyond"


Read full article here: []

Via janlgordon
janlgordon's comment, September 25, 2012 11:10 AM
Marty, I loved your insights and comments, right on the money - this is indeed one of those articles that ignites that spark in me and I can see in you as well - taking static content and moving it to the next level. Thank you for your kind words and wisdom as well.
Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, September 25, 2012 12:05 PM
Thanks Jan. I think your notes are more valuable than the article and this is NOT the first time that has been true :). Certainly the article by itself isn't as powerful as article + your note, so the very definition of the benefit of content curation - content becomes more valuable with each touch :). M
Josette Williams's comment, October 1, 2012 4:14 PM
Really happy you like this article Gust.
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Who said Content Curation should replace Creation for Content Marketers?

Who said Content Curation should replace Creation for Content Marketers? | Curaduria de contenidos y Preservacion digital |

Por qué la Curaduría de contenidos no reemplaza a la Creación de contenidos:


This is an interesting piece highlighting the dangers of relying solely on Content Curation and giving up Content Creation for Content Marketers.


As I told him in the comments, I disagree with Frank Dale's title though (which doesn't reflect his conclusion but I also like provocative headlines ;-) that content curation is usually bad. It is usually good but usually not enough. For the following reasons:


1. Curation is often a good starting point. Content Marketing takes time and the ROI is not instantaneous and can be slow to measure. Content Curation helps you get started more easily, particularly if you're a SMB.


2. Content Curation helps you identify where you should invest in Content Marketing creation: spotting these messages that will set you apart, these areas that not many people cover.


3. Content Curation is also an expression means: don't stop at sharing links on Twitter but use the full opportunities given by content curation platforms like (and others like Storify for instance) to add your point of view. That is a form of creation which, we've found, is much more accessible than full-blown content creation and that nicely completes it.


As a matter of fact, I will actually curate this great piece myself. Before I move on to uploading my latestcreated presentation on SlideShare...

Via Guillaume Decugis
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