Curate Your Art Collection with Pictify | Curaduria de contenidos y Preservacion digital |

Robin Good: Pictify is a new web-based curation service which allows you to put together, publish and share, visual art collection of any kind.


This is a great tool for those in love with art, as much as for those who need to organize, present and promote artists' work.


At Pictify, most curated collections are built around paintings, sculptures, photography and drawings created by users who are passionate about a specific artist, genre or historical time. 


But Pictify offers a tremendous opportunity to museums and art gallery owners, managers and curators, as it offers them an easy way to showcase their existing collections as well as upcoming ones.


From the official site: "As a gallery or museum you can feature your artists and the works in your collection on Pictify. You can show individual art works, preview an upcoming exhibition, and organise works in albums by artist or medium."


P.S.: Just like, Pictify is a specialized content curation service catering to a specific type of content and user interested in art. Much less generic than Pinterest, and much more focused on a specific area.


Expect more special-interest curation sites to emerge soon in other fields.

The service is free to use.

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Via Robin Good