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Culture traits.
This is a scoop about my friend Brett who loves a ton of different things.
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Short Fuses: Do Some Sports Make Kids More Violent? (Infographic)

Short Fuses: Do Some Sports Make Kids More Violent? (Infographic) | Culture traits. |

Are students who play sports more violent? Research done by Xin Jian (a PhD candidate at Ohio State) raises this question. Quoting from the post:

"Her study, published this year in the Journal of Youth Adolescence, did not find "across-the-board advantages"—in other words, lower odds of being involved in violence—for young people who participated in sports-centered extracurriculars."

Youth Radio has reported on this issue ( and GOOD partnered with them to create this infographic. The research findings show "contributing factors behind youth violence." A key finding is "contact sports increase the chance of fighting dramatically."
Additional information is available in the post, as well as a link to the the study done by Xin Jian, which was published in the 'Journal of Youth Adolescence.' 

Via Beth Dichter
Edgar Eisiminger's insight:

Going back to our convorsation about if sports are or are not violent. Worth a read.

Jason Gonsalves's curator insight, November 9, 2014 7:39 PM

I learned that many sports can make high school kids violent. Sports such as American Football, wrestling, and other contact sports are the culprits of violence in young athletes lives. I learned that if you play football, you are 42% more likely to be in a fight than if you played basketball.


It is interesting to see how certain contact sports that require intentional violence actually cause unnecessary violence in the lives of young athletes. This could possibly be linked to professional football players situations of domestic violence, for example most recently Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson.


I choose to read this article because it is interesting to learn about how sports can make children violent, since they are usually used to try to get kids out of violent situations.


This helps me because it will make me cautious of what types of sports to pursue a career in and how to help make them a positive impact on the lives of young athletes, instead of a negative violent one.

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FIFA 14 vs PES 2014: a midfield clash

FIFA 14 vs PES 2014: a midfield clash | Culture traits. |
Football, eh. It’s the people’s game. Simplicity incarnate, you need only a spherical ball and a couple of goalposts to play. But what if you’re more of an armchair football aficionado?

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Realting to your love of Soccer and video games I think you should definetely check this one out if you like sports games.

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Computer Man-Caves (20 Pics)

Computer Man-Caves (20 Pics) | Culture traits. |
Man Your Battlestations! (20 Pictures)

Via Tiaan Jonker
Edgar Eisiminger's insight:

These pics are awesome! I wish I could afford this one day (esspecially pic 16). These are just pictures of battlestations but im sure you'd love them, they are not what you had in mind but I think they would to the trick!

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Logitech PowerShell: A Slim, Sturdy, (Maybe Dope) iOS Gaming Controller - Gizmodo

Logitech PowerShell: A Slim, Sturdy, (Maybe Dope) iOS Gaming Controller - Gizmodo | Culture traits. |
Logitech PowerShell: A Slim, Sturdy, (Maybe Dope) iOS Gaming Controller
The anticipated gaming controllers for iPhone and iPod Touch are arriving in droves it seems.

Via Thomas Faltin
Edgar Eisiminger's insight:

This is really cool especially if you love phone gaming. (I personally prefer console/pc, but thats just me) This is a really cool innovation of controllers for ios gaming. I know nvidia released the nvidia shield, also a very sturdy built devices. Worth a read.

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Social Software Engineering - PDF Free Download - Fox eBook

Social Software Engineering - PDF Free Download - Fox eBook | Culture traits. |
Social Software Engineering PDF Download, Reviews, Read Online, ISBN: 1439853754, By Jessica Keyes

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Not sure what kind of engineer my  friend would like to be but I should definetely tell him to check this article out!

Fox eBook's curator insight, November 14, 2013 1:49 AM

Although the precepts of software engineering have been around for decades, the field has failed to keep pace with rapid advancements in computer hardware and software. Modern systems that integrate multiple platforms and architectures, along with the collaborative nature of users who expect an instantaneous global reach via the Internet, require updated software engineering methods.

Social Software Engineering: Development and Collaboration with Social Networking examines the field through the spectrum of the social activities that now compose it. Supplying an up-to-date look at this ever-evolving field, it provides comprehensive coverage that includes security, legal, and privacy issues in addition to workflow and people issues.

Jessica Keyes, former managing director of R&D for the New York Stock Exchange and noted columnist, correspondent, and author with more than 200 articles published, details the methodology needed to bring mission-critical software projects to successful conclusions. She provides readers with the understanding and tools required to fuse psychology, sociology, mathematics, and the principles of knowledge engineering to develop infrastructures capable of supporting the collaborative applications that today’s users require.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Why Social Networking?
Chapter 2. Social Networking Tools at Work
Chapter 3. Preparing Team to Collaborate
Chapter 4. Knowledge Sharing and Software Engineering Teams: A Study
Chapter 5. Action Learning Teams
Chapter 6. Knowledge across Social Networks
Chapter 7. Measuring Social Software Engineering
Chapter 8. Social Engineering Paradigm Remixed
Chapter 9. Mobile Social Software Engineering
Chapter 10. Legal, Privacy, and Security Issues

Appendices A. Social Software Engineering Tools
Appendices B. Community of Practice Practitioner’s Guide
Appendices C. Knowledge Discovery Techniques
Appendices D. Staff Competency Survey
Appendices E. Behavioral Competencies
Appendices F. Balanced Scorecard Metrics
Appendices G. Glossary
Appendices H. Brief EMML Reference
Appendices I. Computer Use Policy
Appendices J. Best Practices Security Checklist
Appendices K. User Interface Design Guide