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Rescooped by Akash Pandey from Interview Advice & Tips!

YOU hold the key to your #Interview Success!

YOU hold the key to your #Interview Success! | culture of india |

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Cruise Line Class's curator insight, March 14, 2014 10:07 AM

If you are trying to figure out the secret code for doing well in all interviews...the one ingredient that is important regardless of the interivewer, interview style, company culture, and position you are applying for is Y - O - U...You!


Knowing who you are, what strengths you have, how your skills add value to the position, team and company is critical.  You have to be able to pay attention,and flex your communication style during the interview to connect with your interviewer. 


Do you have a strong understanding of your communication style?  Do you tend to ramble?  Do you tend to talk fast?  Do you tend to interrupt people when they are speaking?  Or are you more conservative in your gestures, and speak with a quiet slower pace?  Do you tend to undervalue your accomplishments?  Do you get stage fright? 


Knowing yourself is important, because you are in the driver's seat!  Figure out how to come across as the best version of you.  Practice, rehearse, do your homework so that you will walk away being proud that you did your very best.


Until the next time...PS - Live on Purpose!

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Scooped by Akash Pandey!

Naga B Boys performing at Hornbill Festival Closing ceremony, Nagaland

"The Hornbill festival held in the first week of December shows that with its stunning natural beauty and great cultural traditions, Nagaland can offer a ric...
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