Zaha Hadid Architects Creates A "LIVING" Ceiling That Reacts To Visitors' Movements | CULTURE, HUMANITÉS ET INNOVATION |

Parametric Space is an interactive installation that glows and grows when visitors enter the space.


You enter a dark, cavernous space then suddenly the ceiling starts to glow and expand, bearing down like a bizarre otherworldly lifeform come to greet you. But don't worry, you're not losing your mind this is a new interactive installation, Parametric Space, from Zaha Hadid Architects in collaboration with designers Kollision, CAVI, andWahlberg.

It's currently on view at the Danish Architecture Centre until September 29th 2013. The piece reacts to visitors' movements by changing color and shape. As visitors first enter the space the ceiling appears flat, but the appearance soon changes and extends into glowing funnels. As a visitor moves closer the flexible membrane grows bigger while moving away causes it to retract...

Via Lauren Moss, association concert urbain