Gabor Maté: Breaking Through A Toxic Climate | Culture Collapse Disorder |

The physician, author and advocate of illegal (in Canada) psychedelics explores how our culture makes us sick

Gabor Maté's latest work is interested in examining societal factors that contribute to a climate of toxicity, a culture that is inherently disconnected and vacuous. He aims to shine a light on these dark corners of human experience so that we can start to challenge our assumptions about how society can be and how we ourselves can change our minds.


What is behind your latest focus - Toxic Culture: How Materialistic Society Makes us Ill?

All my work has been around understanding why human dysfunction happens. Not looking at causes - not at people’s pre-dispositions or genetic inheritance - but what actually happens in people’s lives. We know now that the determinants of health - whether we’re talking physical health, emotional – has a lot to do with people’s life experiences. So I’ve been...(Click title for more)