How Much Do We Really Recycle? [infographic] | Culture Collapse Disorder |

In this infographic we see something that many people don’t know- televisions are recyclable. For the most part, almost everything we own can be recycled. This is something not many people know; I never knew televisions could be recycled. In fact, 96% of an old television can be used towards making a new one.


Recycling also has benefits beyond the products it produces, recycling saves on energy too. For example, a recycled aluminum can saves enough energy to power a television for up to three hours. Recycling is one small step we can take towards saving a planet to which we have already done serious damage.


According to this infographic, the average person throws away around seven and a half times their body weight per year. In an attempt to make my personal damage smaller, I make sure to... (Click title for more)