Earth Democracy and the Rights of Mother Earth - Vandana Shiva | Culture Collapse Disorder |

The collapse of Wall Street in September 2008 and the continuing financial crisis signal the end of the paradigm that put fictitious finance above real wealth created by nature and humans. This paradigm — which put profits above people, and corporations above citizens — can only be kept afloat with limitless bailouts that direct public wealth to private rescue instead of using it to rejuvenate nature and produce economic livelihoods for people. It can only be kept afloat with increasing violence to the earth and people.


It can only be kept alive as an economic dictatorship. This is clear in India’s heartland, where the limitless appetite for steel and aluminum for the global consumer economy and the limitless appetite for corporate profits are clashing head on with the rights of tribal communities to their land and homes, their forests and rivers, their cultures and ways of life. Tribal groups are saying a loud and clear “no” to their forced uprooting.


The only way to get to the minerals and coal that feed the “limitless growth” model in the face of democratic resistance is the use of militarized violence against tribal people. Operation “Green Hunt” has been launched in the tribal areas of India with precisely this purpose, even though the proclaimed objective is to clear out the “Maoists.” Under Operation Green Hunt, more than 40,000 armed paramilitary forces have been placed in the tribal areas that are rich in minerals and where tribal unrest is growing...