An Inside Look at the One of the First Villages Forced to Relocate Due to Climate Change | Culture Collapse Disorder |
This community has contributed very little to anthropogenic climate change, yet they are feeling the proverbial heat in a much more profound and potentially devastating way.


For the most part, many people still experience climate change on an academic rather than a personal level. But for the villagers of Vunidogoloa on Vanua Levu, Fiji’s second largest island, climate change has become a daily intrusion on every day life. The villagers of Vunidogoloa are currently relocating to drier and higher land because of sea level rise, erosion, and intensifying floods. I had the opportunity to visit the village midway through this process – one of the very first village relocation projects in the world – and spoke with people young and old about their upcoming move.


Throughout 2012, these Fijian villagers have been in the process of moving from their current home village – a tract of land overlooking Natawa Bay, the largest bay in the South Pacific, to their new home which they named ... (Click TITLE to continue)....