Uzbekistan 'cancels Valentines Day' | Cultural Geography |
Uzbekistan cancels a much-loved Valentine's Day concert in the latest move against Western culture, report the BBC's Johannes Dell and Shodiyor Eshaev.


On my Google+ page (Geography Education) or Facebook account, I posted the thought on Valentine's Day, "who doesn't love love?"  Not that the Uzbek people don't love love, but the goverment officials in the 'Department for Enlightenment and Promoting Values' isn't feeling the love.  He issued a decree to "not celebrate holidays that are alien to our culture."  This is an active attempt to supress the diffusion of globalized cultures since, from his perspective, it would tarnish their local culture.  Instead, the Uzbek government wanted to celebrate a local hero born on February 14th.  Is it possible to stop the spread of popular culture today?  Do you see this as a noble or disguided effort?