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Cultural Geography
Historical, Cultural and Social Issues of place and space
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Thousands mourn Sikh temple victims in US

Thousands mourn Sikh temple victims in US | Cultural Geography |
Memorial service held in town in state of Wisconsin for six Sikhs gunned down on Sunday.


The clean-up, memorial service and grieving was marked by people of all religions and ethnicities come together.  This is an excellent video and I especially enjoyed President Obama's statements of the political rights and freedoms that should be consider universal human rights. 

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Mormon Latinos conflicted over Romney

Mormon Latinos conflicted over Romney | Cultural Geography |
Romney should be able to count on the votes of Latino Mormons. Many are conservative on social issues and would like to see a Mormon in the White House.


Identities are often overlapping and 'sorting' people into neat piles by one particular label is quite difficult.  Take Mormons (traditional vote Republican), Latinos (traditional vote Democrat) and Latino Mormons (??).  This last group represents a cultural pattern known as interlocking axes of identity--a fancy term to say that not all people in category X do Y, because identity (both on the individual level as well as the group level) is more complicated than that.   

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Muslim, Zionist and Proud

Muslim, Zionist and Proud | Cultural Geography |
How I went from hating to loving Israel and the Jewish people (RT @Lost4DrJack: Kassim Hafeez: "It was shocking and eye-opening.)...


This is proof that, while various axes of identity often overlap, that are not necessarily one and the same.  Most Muslims are pro-Palestinian, but not all are (as shocking as this was for me to read).  Most Arabs are Muslims, but don't tell the Christian Arabs that they are any 'less Arab' because of their Christianity.  

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Religious Pilgrimage: the Hajj

Religious Pilgrimage: the Hajj | Cultural Geography |

This is a beautiful photoessay of the Hajj, with excellent captions that shows many of the cultural customs that are associated with the massive pilgrimage.  The tremendous influx of tourists/pilgrims into the Mecca area, there is a huge economic industry that supports and depends on the tourists.  For a BBC article about the market impacts of the Hajj, see:

Elizabeth Allen's comment, December 6, 2012 11:21 PM
The photos show what an immense congregation this event really is. If a picture is worth a thoudsand words, than this collection is a jackpot. The colors are captivating, green costumes of participants in the military parade, the hands holding the beads for sale. In the article from it is interesting to learn that such a religious event is an opportunity for economic gains. From merchants selling beads and rugs to visitors all the way to hotels capitalizing on the religious pilgrimage. It is amazing to know that every Muslim should make this trip as long as he/she is healthy and can afford to.
Crissy Borton's curator insight, December 11, 2012 8:55 PM

These photo’s are amazing! Number 12 with the crowd of people and the ambulance in the middle shows the massive amount of people. Their heads look like dots in a sea of white. These pictures show what words just cannot describe. 

Jacob Crowell's curator insight, December 15, 2014 1:23 PM

One of the five pillars of Islam is the Hajj. A pilgrimage to mecca that has the byproduct of being economically prosperous. Every year droves of people flock to Mecca. Where they stay, what they eat, what they buy all pump money in the local economy. Although it was not meant to be an economic cash cow, the Hajj definatley provides businesses with an influx of money. This shows how religion definatley has economic repercussion and that all facets of geography are interconnected.