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Rescooped by Bridget Bengtson from Real Estate Plus+ Daily News!

Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Real Estate Agent [INFOGRAPHIC]

Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Real Estate Agent [INFOGRAPHIC] | Crowdfunding Real Estate |
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Via Russ Bergeron
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Technology will never fully replace our jobs, there are too many variables that a computer will never fully satisfy including human emotions and attachments, and dysfunctions.

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Via Paulo Gervasio
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what value does this add for the customer?  Effectively qualifying a buyer can not be scanned no matter what the info behind it may reveal.

Paulo Gervasio's curator insight, September 1, 2013 11:33 AM

RainmaQR intends to sell dynamic QR Code service which means the realtor do not need to change their collateral often and instead use the service to swap or redirect the content to point to another property, thereby allowing the QR Code to be reused.  

  I am not a big fan of url shortener or dynamic Qr Codes, for that matter,  because they  presents a security risk. You scan the code to who knows where in the web you'll end up -  only to find out you never really want to go there in the first place. I'm not saying that url shortening services  are totally useless, they are not since marketing analytics (intelligent counters which profiles your visitors by location, OS mobile or desktop, etc.)) are built with these shorteners as well.  However,  countless malware  were imbedded into these shortened urls without the url company knowing any better, in fact I doubt if anyone will be culpable for a misdirected link. That alone makes me a non-fan, add to that the fact that analytics can be done without the subsequent anonymity and element of surprise  (Goggle analytics is parameter based), makes me question why they need to be used in QR Codes at all, 
Dynamic QR Code is a particularly bad idea for realtors who sell multiple properties concurrently. just imagine carrying 7 different dynamic collaterals - you may just end up giving your prospect a tour of another property other than what you intended for them, just imagine the damage though if the dynamic service got your contact information swapped out with a competitor. Besides, why will any salesman want second hand collateral, makes him look cheap. Instead what might work is to equip them with the tools to create these QR codes anywhere and to send them out to their prospects - maybe by email. I really don't see any point in scrimping QR Codes, these are not product barcodes sold at USD 100.00 per item, in fact your only added cost  is paper and printing. One more thing - with regards to the previous comment, I agree that there is a problem in scanning QR Codes but this originates more from ignorance than from the QR Code as a medium. Particularly for QR Codes in posters and public places one needs to know that barcodes and qr Codes are not human readable words and they do not scale in the same way that banners and headlines with letters scale up with distance. The phone camera, wonderful as it is,  is a far cry from the human eye and being able to read a poster does not mean that the phonce camera can scan the QR Code attached to it.   We would have far less QR Code failure if people know how to size them up - if you want to know how - see ;