Les nouvelles technologies : vers une évolution culturelle et cognitive - Cité de la Réussite à L...

Merci à l’auditoire de l’Amphi Richelieu de l’Université Paris-Sorbonne d’avoir porté ce débat à la Cité de la réussite 2017 avec Anne LALOU-SCHNEIDER et Sophie Stanton ! Bravo aux étudiants pour la préparation des questions et à Annabelle Laurent pour sa patiente modération.

Stacking concrete blocks is a surprisingly efficient way to store energy according Swiss startup ...

Energy is concrete. Concrete is energy.

Venture Investors 50 List 2018

Proud to join the list. More to come.

Supermicro stock fell 50 percent after a bombshell Bloomberg report on How China Used a Tiny Chip...

Though the story is apparently still developing, a few conclusions may already be drawned :


1/ We (re)discover that China makes 90% of the world's PC

2/ As they learn fast and well, they gain not only understanding on how what they manufacture works, but also how to make it work differently by designing their own components (including processors in order to lower their dependency to Intel and US Tech)

3/ This revalidates that hardware design is a core industrial sovereignty constituent

4/ Europe has retreated very early from the field so we have absolutely no clue about what the technology we import actually does (beyond what it is supposed to do)


The only way out is to open source hardware and firmware excactly as it happened to Operating Systems. The proof that such option is viable came from Europe ; we need a Linus for hardware !

Netflix consumes 15 percent of the world’s internet traffic, according to Sandvine's new Global I...

Seems that Netflix's encoding process is up to 3 times more efficient than competition, without apparently consumers noticing.

Are they using NG-Codec ?

Du BIM au BOS : la transformation numérique de la construction est en route

Il y a autant d'interprétations du #BIM que de parties prenantes, et voici pourquoi

Amazon makes its first investment into a home builder

Katerra was the first one ; looks like Deep Pockets are preparing a hold-up on wood and mortar.

État des (tiers) lieux - Leonard:Paris

un tiers-lieu, est-ce un demi-lieu en encore plus petit ?

Waymo's autonomous cars log 1 million miles in a month

Interesting : it looks like Waymo's law it outpacing Moore's law. More interesting, they now log 25.000 miles per day. And even more interesting, they now say "We are driving..."

Google may put its Fuchsia OS on smart home devices within three years

YAOS - Yet Another Operating System ? Coming from Google, it might be more than a fad...