ZangZing will close soon after MobileMe | cross pond high tech |

ZangZing had been cleverly standing out as a possible "after MobileMe" solution for those who cannot wait for iOS6 "share from Photostream" feature unveiled at WWDC.


Joseph Ansanelli's team had designed a superior user interface, a clever ingestion mechanism including fetching albums from other sites, along with comprehensive privacy settings while sharing albums with others.


The email below is therefore a total surprise for subscribers as well as a strong disappointment, and we don't understand yet what motivated it.


Now that two consumer photosharing services are gone, which of the remaining ones will stand out and take care of the rest of us ?



Hi Philippe,

Unfortunately, we have some sad news to share.

On July 2nd, ZangZing will no longer accept new users to join or new photos to be uploaded.

On August 31st, we will be shutting down ZangZing and permanently deleting all photos, contact information, and account information.

To download your original photos, please follow these steps:
Sign in at the album you would like to downloadClick the "i" menu and choose Download. This will create a Zip file of all the original photos in that album. Once each album is completely downloaded, then begin the next album download as simultaneous downloads can become corrupted on some web browsersRepeat this for all your albums

If you have any problems, please refer to this Help article,

Thank you for sharing our same passion for design, privacy, and group photo sharing. You inspired us.

The ZangZing Team


39 Mesa Street, 102A
San Francisco, CA 94129