How mobile Big Data is serving carriers customer experience management | cross pond high tech |

How do you improve the mobile experience when all you have is a visibility over a carrier’s network?


That is the question that started carrier IQ (CiQ) in 2005. They set out to open up a window on the devices. To show what was happening inside what was until then a closed ‘black box’ after it left the factory.

Seven years later, the company now has a tremendous technology foundation, from a unique agent software which gathers system data on smartphones (180 million rolled out so far), to an incredible analytics big data platform that’s able to deliver real-time drill-down information on technical parameters of a phone as well as trends and statistics. Last ime I checked CiQ was processing over 7 terabytes of smartphone system data each month…


They have a great business team, too, and managed to develop solid relationships with major mobile carriers in the US and abroad. And weathered an incredible storm in late 2011 — more on this at the bottom of this post.