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ClientConnect allows CrimShield to Provide New Services to Companies

CrimShield has rolled out another new service that is sure to help ensure the safety of their already satisfied customers. The new service is called ClientConnect. The way this service works is by allowing companies to send an email to their clients with the information of the person who will be sent to work in their home or business before that person arrives.


CrimShield is a background check investigation service based out of Arizona. Seeing as they are already a leader in their field and viewed as a professional background checking company, it is no surprise that a service like this has been developed. Many times, when someone sends a person to work at or on your home or business, you know nothing about this person. In some cases, this person could have had a criminal past that would possibly steer you otherwise in hiring this person.


Through ClientConnect, you are sent an email before this person arrives to your home, so that you know who to expect, and to be positive you are comfortable with this person in your home or business.


“We think that everyone should know who is going to be in your home, around your belongings, or even your family. This is something that many people do not think about when hiring someone to perform a service at their home or business, but is definitely a necessary thing to look into,” a spokesman from CrimShield said about ClientConnect.


CrimShield recently launched a similar service called Crime Free Circle that also protects homeowners from vendors in their area that hire ex-convicts or criminals to work for them. In many cases, this is not a problem, but it is always something to be aware of when having someone come in to your home.


CrimShield has a history of being a leader in the background check investigation field, and with new services like ClientConnect launching, they are sure to achieve even more success and provide the proper security precautions for you and your family or business. Be sure to check out CrimShield on Facebook and LinkedIn, and call or email with any more questions about the services they offer.