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Applying to be a police officer

Applying to be a police officer | criminal law enforcement |

Application Process


1. Review Reinhardt University Police Academy Entrance Standards


2.Obtain the following required documents:


 Official high school/ GED transcript.

(Sealed Official Copies Only)

 Official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended whether the applicant graduated or not (Sealed Official Copies Only)

 Original high school / GED diploma (required in addition to transcript)

 Original college diploma for highest degree earned (required in addition to transcript)

 Original birth certificate or certified copy with raised seal

 Certified Georgia driver’s history obtained from Georgia Department of Driver Services for the last 7 years

 Certified driver’s history from any other state that applicant has held a license in during the last 10 years

 Original or certified copy of DD-214 (member 4 version)

 Required if applicants served in the U.S. Armed Forces

Valid Georgia drivers licenseSocial Security Card

 Other documentation is required for naturalized U.S. Citizens (contact Phyllis May for details).


3. Once required documents have been obtained, contact Phyllis May at 770-720-5925 or by email at pjm@reinhardt.eduto schedule an appointment.


4. Bring all required documents to the scheduled meeting. An initial review of applicant qualifications will be conducted and remaining processes will be explained.


Applicants are highly encouraged to begin this process at least 15 weeks prior to start date. Please see Course Schedule.


Contact Phyllis May with questions and to schedule an initial appointment. Print Out Application Process

Reinhardt University
North Fulton Center
4100 Old Milton Parkway
Alpharetta, Georgia 30005


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yayyyyyy cops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
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I actualy found this really interesting and really helpful.

Rescooped by Dereck Boll from how to become a police officer!

how to become a police officer

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Applying to colleges

Applying to colleges | criminal law enforcement |

Big Future is a dynamic free website that allows students to learn all about preparing for, finding, and applying to colleges. Whether a student is interested in financial aid, what colleges are a good fit for them, or exploring career opportunities that they are interested in, this is an excellent site. Through dynamic videos, interactive modules, and an appealing interface, this site is the place to visit for kids interested in preparing and applying to college. There are a wealth of resources on the site that are also great for parents and counselors.


My thoughts: I feel I should look at the website they are talking about. This specific article does not give me the info I actually need. It just gives me another link so I can go and find the information that I need. This article is not helpful. It does tell you what the website will have which is helpful. I need to look at financial aid, colleges that are a good fit for me and i need to explore career oportunities.

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This website is a real lifesaver! When it comes to finding colleges, exploring careers, and looking into financial aid, look no further.  makes it easy. I was able to plan my future effortlessly and i couldn't be happier.

Dominique I's curator insight, December 2, 2014 3:26 PM

when it comes down to getting ready to apply for college its all about getting prepared and being ready making sure that you have finacial aid, or at least applying for it, also making sure you have you recomendation and your personal statement ready all the things you need so when you are applying to colleges you have them already to the side ready and also make sure you have taken or planning on taking the SAT and ACT because most colleges require that which is most important.

Rescooped by Dereck Boll from how to become a police officer!

how to become a police officer

how to become a police officer | criminal law enforcement |

state tooper minimum reqierments


Be a citizen of the United States of America.

Possess a valid, unrestricted driver license.

Be 19½ years old at time of application

Possess a certificate of high school completion or the equivalent from an accredited school.

Vision corrected by contact lenses or surgery to 20/25 in each eye.

If vision is not corrected by contact lenses or surgery, then uncorrected vision no worse than 20/100 in each eye, corrected to 20/25.

Be willing to work weekends, holidays, rotating shifts, and be on 24-hour call.

Be free from the use of narcotics or controlled substances

Body must be well-proportioned and in compliance with departmental height and weight or body fat standards.

Successfully pass a pre-employment polygraph examination.

Be approved for employment after a thorough background investigation.

Successfully pass a departmental medical examination.

Successfully pass a departmental psychological examination.

Be willing to accept statewide assignments.

Knowledge between right and wrong and demonstrate it by example and life style.

Incur the expense of keeping one's uniform clean.

Work in all weather conditions.

Demonstrate the ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide accurately.

Maintain good personal hygiene.

Pay one's bills and meet financial obligations

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