The Veterans Affairs officially considers the following a "Personal Problem": | Criminal Justice in America |


Attempted Murder; Being held against your will by a murderous gang, having your home totally destroyed & land stolen by the same criminal gang, going to the FBI for assistance in Civil Rights Violations and blatant hate crimes, being forced out of your home and off your land by murderers, surviving Corruption by State Police Officers (Puerto Rico by staying just one step ahead of their very criminally corrupt tactics), uncovering massive public corruption within a State Tribunal as well as its DA office and exposing it to the FBI San Juan Puerto Rico, Exposing Environmental Crimes by a Governmental Municipality and all who attempted and conspired to cover it up, with State Natural Resource Agency (DRNA); I reported all evidence and facts, to the DOJ, EPA & FBI as they well know. Since the criminal gang was intent on killing me, the VA felt it was best to make up knowingly perjured document in a failed attempt to discredit me (because 50 plus Federal Police Officers knew it was all lies and a corrupt setup by federal managers acting as Police Chiefs), call my case a "personal problem" remove me for being AWOL(? they knew everything that was happening to my family and I and came up with that bull?) even while my family & I were a State's Witnesses in a State Criminal Case; who's felonious criminals were aloud to continue their campaign of tormenting the state's witnesses, repeatedly attacking and threatening them (all documented) them, sabotaging their only fresh water system ( a terrorist act by law) multiple times, etc., and then the situation suddenly became really violent to an attempted ambush & murder with machetes (speculation is possibly fire arms as their back up) while the State Police played dumb and very cooperative with the murderous criminals. Although this is only the tip of the Ice Burg ( I have so much more detalied facts and evidence as the FBI well knows) the VA calls all this a "personal problem" to one of their Federal Police Officers and his family? You don't have to believe me its all in the MSPB case # NY-0752-11-0158-I-1 These are the reasons the VA has no bussiness overseeing Federal Police Officers and also why the MSPB should be ablolished. Neither one can see Human & Civil Rights violations of the most heinous and violent of crimes; even when its right in their arrogant above the law faces. STOP ME WHEN I LIE FBI. - Randy L. Dixon Rivera