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Brainstorming - NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement

Brainstorming - NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement | Creativity & Innovation - Interest Piques |

Things to remember 

1.     Preparation. Make sure you have the right kit: flip charts, post-its, pens, time, the right people in the room


2.     Define the problem or the opportunity. Write up a statement describing this, but be careful that it doesn't suggest a solution as this will hinder idea generation


3.     Stand up, shift position, move around


4.     Use nonlinear note taking methods - post-its are great


5.     Aim for 20-30 ideas in 5-7 minutes


6.     100% participation is best e.g. all write on flip charts/post it notes


7.     Giving people permission to freewheel doesn't necessarily mean they have the learned skill to do so


8.     You should not plan a brainstorming session if you already have several solutions and all you want to do is to decide which one to use; this is best done by analysis

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Great plan of action in facillitating brainstorming sessions.

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Sparking Creativity [Infographic]

Sparking Creativity [Infographic] | Creativity & Innovation - Interest Piques |
It's a rough time for Time Magazine. Take the cover article in this month's Town and Country Magazine: 'Empire of Excess. The Insane Egos and Extreme Expense

Deb Nystrom, REVELN's comment, June 28, 2013 12:56 PM
AnnC - Found this older HuffPo post. STEM to STEAM, intriguing!
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We do need to encourage creativity in our students. They learn so much more when they handle the content to do something with it.

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HI Jim, Thanks for following my topic. I hope that it is helpful for you . You have a great site started here.
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What are the barriers to creativity in education?

Today's society is increasingly complex. As society changes, so must education. Are we preparing students to create our future? Adobe has released a research...

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Great presentation of a vital concept. Two observations:

1. "We are born creative". Watch young children when given the tools (paper, crayons, scissors, glue, toilet rolls etc) and how creative they are. Too few kids leave school with that creativity intact.

2. In the UK, designers of all sorts are being encouraged to get into schools to explain, excite and motivate. Getting individuals and firms involved is a vital step in encouraging and fostering creativity.

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12 Sites To Create Cartoon Characters of Yourself

12 Sites To Create Cartoon Characters of Yourself | Creativity & Innovation - Interest Piques |
If you are not comfortable using real photos to represent yourself in any online profiles and avatars, why not create a cartoon characters of yourself?


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Laura, my explication is made with an ALERT!!! Concerning about the rest of your comments, make it less aggressive ;)
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Laura, I didn't know that AVG and AVAST have ALSO a FREE service for checking if a website is malicious or not, can YOU show me that, please, thx!