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This piece came to my attention by Judy Gombita  who shared it on Google+. It was written by Bob Geller and it's one of the best articles on content curation that I have seen in a long time.


Here are some highlights:


**Blow Out Content Marketing and Lead Social Conversations with Content Curation...


Great tips for Effective Content Curation


**Great content curation is part science and art.


**To do a good job, you need to have an understanding of your market space and how to make best use of the search and publishing tools.


**It requires a keen eye and instinct for topics that align with the expertise of executives, brand attributes and customer interests.


Tom Riddle, CEO of CIThread, a hosted content curation platform, says


"great content curation happens when three elements come together:


**SME - subject matter expertise 


**a focused objective and a strong voice in response to an article


**tweet or post that happens to be at the nexus of your expertise and the objective. If this happens, you will find yourself writing the right words.




**if you are in marketing, you should care about content curation because it just works!


**There are a range of tools, as you will see, that can help you transcend casual efforts to help boost organizational social media and content marketing efforts.


**Content curation gives marketing and social media teams the tools they need to turbo charge social media publishing and engagement efforts; it is an increasingly critical function, and an area that should be understood and mastered.


Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Business and Beyond"


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