Why Customer Anecdotes Can Tell You As Much as Metrics | Creativity as changing tool | Scoop.it
Why customer stories are better than metrics http://t.co/aMqlaxwX Jeannie Walters talks about the gold in off-the-cuff customer comments...


Articles like this one are rare -- hardly anyone recognizes, much less writes about, how customer stories and anecdotes gain you far more than metrics, surveys, or focus groups. Usually focus groups are crafted info-gathering exercises rather than story sharing experiences where deep meaning can be gleaned.


OK -- so maybe a lot of people in these fields don't know the best narrative research and story evoking methodologies.  If they did however, I think we would see huge improvements in customer feedback, engagement, and better/deeper/richer material.


Back to the article -- this is a quick post but with good tips for thinking about customer anecdotes as critical information, and how to start gathering them. I really like that the author suggests once you have these anecdotes in hand, it's time to take action on them. Seems obvious, but it doesn't always happen.


Enjoy this post and I hope to see more like it in the future!

Via Dr. Karen Dietz, rose@svpwr.org