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Though his is not the only one to say so, of course, according to  Jungian analyst Jerome Bernstein (2007) in his revolutionary book Living in the Borderlands: The Evolution of Consciousness and the Challenge of Healing Trauma, humankind has experienced a massive split from our sacred roots in nature.


As a result our egos have become overspecialized and lopsided, severing our ability to connect with the dimension of the sacred forces which nature embodies. Bernstein refers to the need for a massive compensatory shift in evolution that will help us regain balance and wholeness, action that will pull us “back from the brink of self-extinction” (p. 13). Bernstein’s hypothesis is firmly based on believing that everything that exists, both animate and inanimate “has within it a spirit dimension and communicates in that dimension to those who can listen” (p. 8).


In the book, Bernstein coins a new term, "Borderland", which he defines as the arena in which the “overly-rational westernized ego is in the process of reconnecting with...(Click title to continue reading)

Via Bonnie Bright, Rachel Lovie