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"Geniuses produce because they think fluently and flexibly," says Michael Michalko in his book "Cracking Creativity."


"Fluency of thought means generating quantities of ideas." A key characteristic of genius is immense productivity. Thomas Edison held 1093 patents. Einstein published 248 papers. Darwin wrote 119 papers besides his theory of evolution. Therefore, if you want more creative/innovative thinking in your organization, you must encourage the generation of "quantities of ideas."


However, if you stifle creative thinking by sending subtle or not so subtle messages that "we must just spend our time doing things the way we have always done"...because they have worked, you'll never find a better more efficient method. Your innovative risk-taking competitor will! That's how Microsoft climbed to success passing IBM and why they know they have to continue investing mega-millions in R&D.


===> You must encourage people to think creatively and take risks. <===


Via Gust MEES