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If you want a seamless guest experience your hotel needs to have a story Heres an example how to turn story ...

This is a quick yet very insightful article linking the interior design of a hotel, storytelling, and women's liberation.

"Whaaaaattttt??!!" you say. Yep. It's a perfect example of how a hotel got creative and leveraged storytelling in order to market themselves more effectively, and increase sales.

The post about a New York City hotel that originally opened as the Hotel Martha Washington. It was the first hotel in the country specially designed for women only. Based on the the building's history, the new owners of the hotel created a persona that typified women who stayed at the hotel.

From there they created interior designs that connected together its history, the contributions of 12 women to our world, their identified persona, and their marketing efforts. Brilliant!

I love how this company translated storytelling into the physical world through its interior designs. More companies need to be doing this for enhancing both employee and customer experiences/engagement.

For all the details, go read this article. Like a chocolate truffle, it's small but rich with a lasting impression!

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