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Trois entrepreneurs français à San Fransisco

Trois entrepreneurs français à San Fransisco | Création d'Entreprise |
Diplômé de l"Ecole Polytechnique et de l"Université de Stanford, Guillaume Decugis débute sa carrière chez SAGEM, dont il deviendra Directeur des achats pour la Division Mobile.En 2001, il prend la direction des opérations de Musicwave : en six ans,...
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How To Destroy Your Business In 3 Simple Steps

How To Destroy Your Business In 3 Simple Steps | Création d'Entreprise |

"Let’s talk about the “F” word - Failure. There’s two opposing groups when it comes to failure – those who accept it as an opportunity for growth, and those who view it as a symbol of weakness. Either way, let’s be honest - failing sucks."


There’s two opposing groups when it comes to failure – those who accept it as an opportunity for growth, and those who view it as a symbol of weakness.

As an entrepreneur you’ve got to expect the “F” word to become a frequent visitor in your business life.  But don’t worry, it’s all part of the process.


Obviously your goal is NOT to destroy your business.

But what about the things we CAN control?  


Step #1 – Lack of vision

“Making money” is not a vision – it’s an outcome.

A vision is something bigger.  It’s a clear picture of the principles and goals that drive your business.

This is the lens through which all of your decisions must be made.

Without a vision you’ll quickly find yourself seeking money making opportunities, instead of clear and lasting goals.


Step #2 – Try to please everyone

Besides accepting the fact that failure is part of the entrepreneur’s lifestyle, it’s also a good idea to accept the fact that it’s impossible to please everyone.

You will have haters that love to drink the 'haterade'!

No matter what you do, your decisions will always leave someone unhappy.  The faster you can accept this, the better off you’ll be, and the easier you’ll be able to think of big ideas that can change your industry in a positive way.

Everyone that expresses an interest in “working with you” or “helping you” has their own agenda in mind.  There’s no way you can work with everyone so choose your business relationships wisely.

People pleasing is a guaranteed plan for failure.


Step #3 – Use money to solve ALL your problems

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can definitely solve a lot of problems.

You will need  to be selective about which problems you choose to solve with capital.  It’s easy to begin to lose the creativity and hustle you once had the moment the profits start rolling in the door.

Always ask yourself “How can I solve this without money?” or “How can I solve this with as little cash as possible?”

Don’t be embarrassed exchange services or barter for things you need.  These were probably the practices you once used – don’t be afraid to use them again.

Remember, cash should always be your LAST resort when dealing with problems.


“Knowing is HALF the battle”

Remember that famous line from G.I. Joe?

What’s true in the battlefield is also true in the marketplace – knowledge is only half the battle.  

The other half is what you choose to do and what you choose not to do.

So Remember:

1.  Don’t surrender the vision or leadership of your business to anyone.
2.  Forget about trying to please all people.
3.  Use money as a last resort when solving problems.


By Lewis Howes


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John van den Brink's comment, August 3, 2012 4:36 AM
Great posts Michele, thanks!
maxOz's comment, August 3, 2012 4:56 AM
Thanks John, Starting to get my "Mojo" Back, was suffering from Digital Overload xxx Have a Wonderful Weekend!!!