Creating an Effective Communication Mix
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Scooped by Logan Harris!

A Cross-Media Campaign to Raise Samsung Awareness – Think Insights – Google

A Cross-Media Campaign to Raise Samsung Awareness – Think Insights – Google | Creating an Effective Communication Mix |
Which is better for raising brand awareness: YouTube or TV? See the case study at Google's Think Insights.
Logan Harris's insight:

I found this article presented an interesting case study on the use of traditional and new media.


The goal of the study was to raise awareness of Samsung’s 3D LED TV, and both the effectiveness and cost efficiency of various media were studied. By surveying target audience respondents both before and after the marketing campaign, the researchers were able to see what effect advertising in each medium had had on consumers.


The aspects of this study that I found most interesting were the efficiencies of Youtube, and even more so the increase in effectiveness shown when utilising both TV and Youtube.


I feel that the study shows clearly that while TV still delivers the message to the greatest number of consumers, it is expensive and perhaps not as engaging as certain forms of new media. By taking new media into account when considering the communication mix, marketers can enjoy far greater success than by focussing on traditional media alone.


Hannah Joy Gaisford's comment, September 25, 2013 2:18 AM
I liked this article Logan. Good pick. What an interesting and effective study. I agree that youtube has become a very efficient marketing tool. However I do find the youtube ads quite frustrating! I agree that tv is effective and definitely not as engaging especially seeing that when you go to use youtube you are on there because you want to watch that particular video and you aren't going to swap channels to avoid the ad :)! I agree that marketing will be more successful when new media is taken into account. Its about keeping up with the times
Sian Arthur's comment, September 26, 2013 5:45 AM
Good choice Logan, I was fascinated to read that this study found Youtube ads to be so effective, personally I skip the ads that appear on Youtube or find a different video if i'm desperate. For me personally TV ads are very effective, but that is just because I watch a lot of TV and they are a lot harder to ignore (and sadly don't have a skip button). Although I totally see the need to expand into wider varieties of advertising like Youtube because of the expense of TV advertising.
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How are brands using audience involvement to increase reach and engagement?

How are brands using audience involvement to increase reach and engagement? | Creating an Effective Communication Mix |
Audience involvement is the process and act of actively involving your target audience in your communication mix, in order to increase their engagement with your message as well as advocacy to your brand.

Via Alex Butler
Logan Harris's insight:

I found this article to be a great read and to really address the importance of courting consumer involvement across multiple screen media.


Not only are more and more people increasingly using mobile phones, tablets, and social media, they are doing all of these things while watching TV at the same time! This gives marketers much greater scope in engaging with consumers by welcoming their suggestions or by outright inviting them to contribute.


Engaging consumers in marketing communications is effective as it makes consumers want to witness their involvement in the marketing creation. This is shown in slightly different ways in each of the articles three sections. Engaging the consumer in this way does not only lead to greater resonance with the original material, but also leads them to actively look for more. This is shown best in the article by the Old Spice campaign – few ads were run on TV, but many, many more were created in response to viewers’ questions and screened on Youtube.


By employing a mix of traditional and interactive marketing tools, brands can engage their publics on a more human level, as well as encourage them to share marketing with others.

Kristy Leong's comment, September 26, 2013 11:43 AM
@Janessa’s comment, How are brands using audience…” I think that this article was a good read and easy to follow and understand what they were saying about the communication mix process. I agree with Janessa that it could be the future for creative advertising as they are advertising the feedback from their consumers, which shows their loyalty basis. The 3 approaches discussed in the article are all based on consumer engagement online, which I think that it’s great to get a variety of a communication mix.
Reuben Gordon Dalziel's comment, September 26, 2013 9:21 PM
Social media is able to establish and build strong connections and engagements from businesses to audiences if used correctly. This particular demonstrates how marketers can use social media as a platform to extend their and improve their brand image. If used correctly, it can be a big part of the overall communication mix and allow the company to interact with consumers through videos, competitions and other forms of involvement, thus building a relationship with consumers.
Alysse Woodward's comment, September 27, 2013 1:57 AM
This article had me thinking; this approach using audience involvement to increase reach and engagement is a very good example of what supermarkets are doing at the moment, New World with their mini groceries and Countdown with their cutlery. Customers send a certain amount at their supermarket and in return get rewarded with a tangible item. This encourages customers to spend more (New World you have to spend $40 to get one mini grocery). For example I shopped at New World and spent $74 the lady at the counter asked me if I want to spend an extra $6 on something so I could receive a second mini grocery, so I did. Because I was encouraged to spend more money with New World I did because I was getting something in return. This had me engaged as a customer as I want to collect as many as possible. This campaign also attracts other customers that don’t shop at New World to change where they shop and go to New World instead. It also engages children as they want to collect all the mini groceries so they encourage their parents to shop at New World.
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Creative Marketing - Learn From The Top Fashion and Retail Brands

Creative Marketing - Learn From The Top Fashion and Retail Brands | Creating an Effective Communication Mix |
Discover what brands in every industry can learn from the creative marketing ideas of high fashion and retailers.
Logan Harris's insight:

This article on the integration of fashion marketing was interesting in that it reinforces the importance of making sure your media strategies fit together


Having sponsorship or a social media/online presence is all well and good, but to be truly effective they have to be used as more than simply extra platforms for one-to-many communication. The Topman example in the article shows that collaboration between a radio personality and a fashion label gave rise to a spotify-esque music service. Not only was this a product that generated revenue in itself, it serves to build greater brand personality for Topman also.


The articles Diesel example was interesting in a different way. By bringing together Diesel’s “edgy” image with a death-clock style app, the brand drew consumers in and made them engage with the brand. Not only does this provide engagement and create a personal bond in the moment, it also provides the brand with valuable consumer information.


By innovating and presenting new avenues of communication, brands can reap the many benefits associated with a strong online presence.

Savanna Steele's curator insight, September 26, 2013 9:49 AM

This article discusses aspects of the fashion industry and how brands could learn a thing or two about their online media strategies. It was interesting how they referred to fashion industry that they identify their customers needs so well from colour, life style, bodyshape ect and that brands should look at this example and implement the needs and wants of their customers more direct customised.

Finau Tuipulotu's comment, September 26, 2013 3:57 PM
@savannah Great post! Nowadays Social Media has been the main marketing platform. As i read through this article i agree with you Savannah its cool how that they identify consumers needs and wants first in that way it creates a strong bond between consumer and the brand.
Anna Bairstow's comment, September 26, 2013 10:42 PM
Good scoop Savannah! This article has a fresh perspective on brand awareness and ways in which to communicate with consumers effectively and how to portray companies brands online succesfully. By bringing a new twist to the traditional online marketing model of marketing a brand, companies can generate revenue as well as create new innovative campaigns online. Interesting read!