Paralysed teenager who has been on life support since birth is told to attend ‘interview’ to prove he can’t work or lose his benefits | Crazy, Random Life |

A father was disgusted after his severely disabled son might have to prove he couldn't work in order to receive benefits.
Liam Barker, 18, was not expected to live beyond three months old after he was born paralysed and has remained on life support since birth.
But Liam defied his prognosis and celebrated his milestone birthday in December last year despite being born with an incredibly rare condition, called myotubular myopathy, a terminal muscle wasting disease.

He requires a ventilator to breathe and needs constant care from his parents Phil Barker, 52, and Michelle, 44, at their home in Linthorpe, Middlesbrough.

The family were awaiting news on which benefits their son would be entitled to but were shocked when they received a letter which informed them Liam would be entitled to employment and support allowance but that he may need to attend a 'Work Focus interview' in order to receive them.
Two weeks ago   ....  The total pig ignorance of these people never ceases to amaze me - the person responsible for sending the letter out to Liam's parents should be dismissed - they obviously hadn't bothered to check the facts which is one of the things they get paid to do!!

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