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I chose this topic because it is a big issue in the music business today.Music streaming is helpful and convenient but it is also ruining the music market.. The pros of music streaming are that you can download music without having to go to the store.Also it is at a cheaper price because you don't have to go through packaging,The cons of online streaming is that there are less job slots when working on an album. Less people get paid and there is also less money to go around.
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How Music-Streaming Services Are Failing New Artists

How Music-Streaming Services Are Failing New Artists | Stream? |
What seems clear is that streaming arrangements, like those made with Spotify, are institutionalizing a marginal role for the recordings that were once major income streams for working musicians.
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This article talks about how streaming services are letting artist down. It also compares how much artist made back in the day compared to what they make now,

Shalese Jackson's curator insight, December 5, 2014 1:59 PM

My insight on this article about How Music Streaming Services Are Failing New Artist are that the new artist sales rate goes down. From streaming music from Pandora and other streaming sites or apps. 

Dominick Cangialosi's curator insight, November 11, 2015 3:45 PM

For new artists id have to agree. Streaming services does not seem the best route if you are looking to make money, and alot of it. For me as a beat producer i would not plan on looking to stream any of my music. It wouldn't be making any money and how often would my music get played?

Ramone Erving's curator insight, January 16, 2016 2:35 PM

Summary: Streaming services such as Spotify are "robbing" small artists giving them small royalty checks for their music.The only individuals seeming to make a substantial amount of money from the streaming service are the A list artists such as Jay Z. And people are ping ponging whether they should ditch Spotify or keep it.

Pros: Spotify is geared to albums so if you have an album and you're an A list artist you'll be financial taken care of.

Cons: Small time artists and/or artists with just a single see little or no money at all from the streaming service.  

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To Stream or not to Stream? [INFOGRAPHIC]

To Stream or not to Stream?  [INFOGRAPHIC] | Stream? |

(UPDATED) Does streaming music hurt sales?

Via Yvan Boudillet
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This article inlcudes music charts that dipict album sales versus music stream sells.It also inlcudes the billboard's top 100 songs from recent years .

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Music streaming service now holds live online concerts, with each ticket going for $3

Music streaming service now holds live online concerts, with each ticket going for $3 | Stream? |
The online music streaming industry is highly competitive right now. Turntable, the company behind the music streaming site, obviously recognizes these challenges — and it has rolled out a new feature in a bid to differentiate its...

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This is one plus of online music streaming.Turntable offers low priced tickets for concerts that you can watch at home.


Kyle Galligan's curator insight, November 10, 2013 9:57 PM

Online concerts could make live music available to so many more people at an extremely lower price. This could seriously affect how and if people go to concerts.

Brandon Marsh's curator insight, October 14, 2014 8:58 PM

Live performance streaming, although interesting and new, does not completely encapsulate the full experience of an event, but it is still an exciting idea.

Stacey Boyd's curator insight, August 13, 2015 10:29 PM

Will live performance streaming be the sole future of music performance? How will this effect the artists and the consumer? 

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Can streaming save music sales?

Can streaming save music sales? | Stream? |
Streaming services have reversed the fortunes of the music industry in Sweden and now generate more income than downloads or CDs. But can the model be replicated worldwide?
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This article contains statistics from all over the world about music streaming.It also has information about how music streaming is helping the industry.

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Digital Music Sales Soaring, Thanks to Streaming and Downloads | USTelecom Blog

We’ve come a long way since the LP record. Today, streaming music -- spurred on by websites such as Spotify and Pandora, as well as digital downloads -- is offering listeners easy access to a vast treasure trove of music. And a recent Strategy Analytics study shows digital music sales will pass physical sales this year in the U.S., and will do so worldwide 2015.


Some interesting statistics from the study demonstrate the dominance of digital adoption:


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Via Chuck Sherwood, Senior Associate, TeleDimensions, Inc
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This article talks about how digital music sales are making music sales soar. It also projects the profit of the future market in the years to come.

Riley Olin's curator insight, October 14, 2014 7:25 PM

This article tells of how streaming music and offering digital downloads of music files online is showing a growth in music profit, giving the example that the profits from digital downloads and streaming music will pass the profit made from physical sales for 2014 in the U.S.

michaelmartin's curator insight, October 14, 2014 9:22 PM

This goes to show music streaming is the way of the future.

More people are Streaming than ever before and it is not a big surprise, it gives you more freedom to choose, listen and discover.

Candace Johnson's curator insight, November 4, 2014 10:19 AM

The article states that music streaming services are increasing the sales of digital music. I believe this is because a lot of the music streaming services offer a free option, which increases the amount of new music that users are exposed to and can explore. It's increasingly becoming easier to find new music that interests you through services like this. A lot of services as well offer a list of suggestions of artists and musicians who are similar to your interests that you've plugged in.