Website Design


The website for your plastic surgery practice is a major component and important part of your internet marketing strategy, along with search engine optimization (SEO). Crawford and O’Brien will create a high converting website, that is well-designed and content-rich. The website will be easy to navigate and will allow the user to view the website effortlessly, while, at the same time, your practice’s vision and mission are highlighted appropriately. Our goal is to achieve maximum results and to be an asset to your business. In order to do so, the website must include the following features:


Content Management


The content available on your website should always be high-quality. The content you have available on your website is an important tool in attracting potential patients to want to seek out your practice. Having high quality content is always much more important than too much information, as viewers may become overwhelmed, lose interest and decide to look elsewhere. Crawford and O’Brien are the experts in creating content in various forms, including blog posts, guest blogging, articles, press releases and infographics, that produce high conversions for their clients.




Your practice’s website should contain biographies on all surgeons that are members of the practice. Biographies are not long, but rather full of important information, including associated affiliations and board certification. This allows people to get a sense of who you are and what you do. This is vital, especially for practice that requires the trust of their patients. Potential patients will be impressed by your ability to reach out.



Pictures are vital to include on your practice’s website as well. Many times, the “Before and After” gallery is the most searched item by patients interested in plastic surgery. “Before and After” pictures will showcase the most common procedures performed at your practice. These galleries will help reassure potential clients that they would be in good hands. Crawford and O’Brien will make sure the gallery is easy to navigate and contains clear and appropriate pictures.




Considering having any type of plastic surgery is a major and life changing decision. The content and information you provide is critical to a patient during the decision making process. Prospective patients already have questions and concerns. If they know that others are satisfied with the results they received, they are more inclined to consider your practice. Initially addressing those concerns is key to gaining new patients and also patient referrals. The testimonials will help encourage visitors to take the next step, by either calling your office or submitting their contact information.


Social Media


Using social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ is a great way to interact with people. Social media allows visitors to see how the practice interacts with the public. People like interaction and want to be acknowledged, especially when considering a major decision such as plastic surgery. Social media is a great tool to use in order to share valuable information that is already on your website or blog. Crawford and O’Brien will create a social media strategy specifically tailored to your practice.


Regular Updates


Crawford and O’Brien will make sure that your website is consistently updated. The website will always have the most current and relevant content available. This can range from adding a new procedure to your practice, to a change of address if you move. Our agency also provides regular maintenance, so that the website is always working properly and easily accessible.




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