Project 8-1: Count alligators and clone sheep Console Counting alligators... 1 alligator 2 alligator 3 alligator Counting sheep... 1 Blackie 2 Blackie 1 Dolly 2 Dolly 3 Dolly 1 Blackie Press any key to continue . . . Operation This application uses an Alligator class that implements a Countable interface todisplay Alligator objects as shown above. This application uses a Sheep class that implements a Countable interface and theCloneable interface to display and clone Sheep objects as shown above. Specifications Create an interface named Countable that can be used to count an object. Thisinterface should include these methods: void incrementCount()void resetCount()int getCount()String getCountString() Create a class named Alligator that implements the Countable interface. This classshould include an instance variable that stores the count and a method that returns theformatted count. Create a class named CountUtil. This class should include a static method that letsyou count any Countable objects a specified number of times. For example: public static void count(Countable c, int maxCount) Create a class named CountTestApp that uses the CountUtil class to count anAlligator object 3 times as shown above. Create a class named Sheep that implements the Countable and Cloneable interfaces.This class should include an instance variable that stores the count and the name of the sheep, and it should provide methods that can set and get the name of the sheep. Modify the CountTestApp class so it (a) counts the first sheep 2 times, (b) clones thefirst sheep, changes the name, and counts it 3 times, and (c) counts the first sheepagain 1 time.

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