Cosmetic and plastic surgery
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Different Types of Cosmetic Procedures and the Things You Need to Know

Different Types of Cosmetic Procedures and the Things You Need to Know | Cosmetic and plastic surgery |

With 100 years of experience in plastic surgery combined with our highly-skilled crew of physicians, we offer comprehensive plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures such as breast and cancer reconstruction, unparalleled cosmetic surgery procedures...


There are different types of cosmetic procedures that can make you look young and beautiful irrespective of the age. These procedures have to be done based upon the need and the requirement or the physical defects that make them feel uncomfortable. Few of the common problems that can be corrected through cosmetic surgery are sagging skin, stretch marks, obesity, etc. As the excess fat and loose skin is removed during the procedure, it helps to retain the original shape of the body. Cosmetic surgery involves various procedures and we will have a look at them one by one. 



It is the cosmetic procedure usually done in both men and women, common areas in the body where it can be performed are abdomen, waist, thigh, hips, buttocks, chest, neck, cheeks, chin, etc. In liposuction a tube is used to suck out all the excess fat from the body. Normally it is done as an outpatient procedure and the patient needs to stay in the hospital. Generally local anaesthesia is administered to numb the area, in case if large volume of fat needs to be removed. The procedure must be done in a licensed cosmetic clinic.


Ultrasound assisted liposuction is also available that liquefies the fat in the stomach and this method is normally used for removing the fat from upper abdomen area.



To remove the effects of anti aging from the skin, face lift procedure is performed, excess loose skin is removed from the skin and it is tightened during this procedure. It gives a youthful appearance irrespective of the age and gives a youthful appearance. It can be done at a well equipped cosmetic surgery Center North Carolina, the procedure has to be carried out by senior cosmetic surgeons who have years of experience so that they can perform it without any flaw.



A shapeless nose can be turned into the right shape to fit perfectly based on the size of the face. Big or small, any nose can be modified easily by rhinoplasty surgery.

Tummy tuck


It is another type of cosmetic surgery to remove excess fat from the abdomen and even a pot belly can be fixed easily using this procedure. Needless to say a flat abdomen will increase the overall appearance of a person and make them look smart.

Breast surgery


Normally a women’s breast starts to sag after pregnancy and by cosmetic procedure a drooped breast can be fixed. Even inverted nipples can be fixed by surgery, however the surgery must be carried by experienced senior cosmetic surgeon.

Face wrinkles


Wrinkles and marks in the face can be removed by laser treatment. Cosmetic laser center Winston Salem provides advanced laser treatment using the state of the art equipment.

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Breast Reduction Surgery for Men to Gain more Confidence

Breast Reduction Surgery for Men to Gain more Confidence | Cosmetic and plastic surgery |

Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Winston-Salem provides expert advice on all surgical procedures concerned with plastic & reconstructive surgery as well as cosmetic surgery such as facelifts, tummy tucks and breast implants, with the support of world’s...


Breast reduction surgery for men may sound as a new word or phrase to you, however thousands of men with ‘mans boob’ have undergone this surgery to increase their confidence level and self esteem. These men feel embarrassed and couldn’t lead a comfortable life as other men would do. There are so many reasons for men to undergo breast reduction surgery and here we will discuss few of them.

When exercise fails

Majority of the men think that they can reduce the size of their breast by regularly exercising; sadly exercise does not give fruitful results always. Even if they work hard by performing various exercises to remove the man boobs it may not be effective as they thought. It is no doubt these men feel awkward whenever they are without a shirt.

Locker rooms


There are guys who feel self conscious while changing dress in the locker room and even if other men in the room don’t bring attention still they have a feeling as if everyone is staring at them.

Surgery the best option

Reconstructive surgery North Carolina provides breast reduction surgery, after the procedure it allows men to move freely anywhere without shirts. Definitely after the surgery the man will be happier especially when he sees him in the mirror. Moreover the confidence and self esteem increases while hitting the gym or when at the swimming pool. Instead of exercising and straining the muscles, surgery would be the right choice.

There are few things you must ask your doctor before you perform the surgery.

How is the surgery performed?


During the procedure a small incision is made in the chest and the excess tissue is removed completely. Then the nipples may be repositioned, obviously there will be scarring after surgery that fades off in time.

Hospitalization and recovery


The procedure requires hospitalization and the recovery period depends upon the body condition of the patient. It normally takes 5 to 7 weeks to get completely healed. During the recovery period the patient is not supposed to lift any weight or perform exercise in any form. It is good to consult experienced doctors available at skin care treatments North Carolina before performing surgery. Enquire with the cosmetic surgeon whether performing certain exercises or change in diet can remove man’s boob. If it works that would be the best way.

Consult the physician


Consult a general physician before surgery because hormone is also one of the main reasons for this condition. You can also discuss with him about the surgery options available and the pros and cons of surgery.

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