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Acnes can appear on face any time irrespective of age. Scars left on face can make a person look ugly and affect the overall appearance of the person. By properly maintaining the face and performing regular routines one can get the natural look on the face. There are few home remedies that can add a natural luster to the skin and we will discuss about it in this articles


Use tomatoes


Tomatoes are well known for its acidity nature, by using tomatoes on the skin it will dry up the acne quickly.  Cut a tomato into equal half and rub its pulp on to the skin, you will notice a clear skin within few days.


Lemon Juice:


Lemons have the natural antibacterial and astringent property that plays a vital role in providing a clear skin. Astringent can remove the oiliness from the face and it can give it natural glow all day long. If you are applying lemon juice make sure to apply for it for a minimum of 15 minutes so that it can work perfectly to remove all the oiliness from face completely. Antibacterial property of lemon prevents the inflammation of acne. Cosmetic surgeons available at skin care North Carolina offers tips and advices to patients to take care of the skin.


Honey and Cinnamon


Honey is an antibacterial agent that prevents acne from appearing on skin. Cinnamon bark contains essential oil that has anti-clotting and anti-inflammatory property.  Honey and cinnamon together can repair all the damages in the skin in a natural way.


Olive oil


Scars left as a result of acne can be treated using olive oil. Acne can make the skin loose and in course of time it loses its elasticity nature. Regularly applying olive oil rejuvenates the skin and reverses the damaged skin.




Hydration is important to get a healthy and glowing skin. Cucumbers are rich in water and they contain more than 95% of water.  Rubbing cucumber pieces on face hydrates the skin and gives it a natural glow. Moreover cucumber removes dead skin cells from the face. Cucumber also removes excess oil from the skin and makes it look fresh always.




Aloe is rich in antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory in nature. Apply the gel of aloe to your skin gently. The fresh aloe keeps your face sparkling reducing the inflammation and redness of the skin.


Apple Cider Vinegar


It is a powerful natural remedy to reduce the blemishes on the skin. Antibacterial and antifungal properties of Apple cider vinegar can provide amazing results when applied to the face.   It is good to regularly cosmetic & plastic surgeons to know more about the home remedies for skin care.


Tea Tree Oil


It is essential oil that plays a vital role in getting a blemish free skin. Mix a small amount of tea tree oil with equal amount of water and rub it on face using a cotton swab. It can be used especially before going to bed and to remove make up completely from face.


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