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The world we live in is growing in complexity and risk.  There were around 16 Million lawsuits in the United States in the year 2002 alone. Divorce is a fact of life, especially in California.  Even some of the people you love the most may need protection from themselves, such as those who suffer from drug or alcohol dependency, or who lack the maturity to handle a large inheritance on their own. Jury damage awards seem to be steadily rising.  Business failures are common in normal times but growing and quite unexpected in times of recession.  Taxes, regulation and compliance are becoming an increasing cost of doing business.  Asset protection and the minimization of risk should be one of the cornerstones in every business plan and in every life plan. Asset protection is not only about shielding your assets from outside attack, it is or should be about reducing your exposure to the type of events from which liabilities often arise.


It is planning our way around the landmines that constantly appear in our paths, choosing the better path and learning to identify and see pitfalls before they become a problem –i.e. when we are in the air on the way to the bottom. We have developed a detailed Risk Audit Assessment process which can be applied at any stage to identify areas of concern and heightened risk and we then work with you to develop a strategy to minimize or avoid the risk you are likely to face.


While it may never be possible to completely eliminate risk, it can usually be contained and managed. That is why it is so important for you to have a plan expertly tailored to your specific needs - particularly if you are a physician, attorney, CPA, business owner, real estate developer, or member of a profession that is subject to an unusually high number of lawsuits.


At Corliss, A Law Corporation, we provide the guidance that individuals, families and owners of closely-held companies need in understanding the risks they face. We then design creative asset protection plans to guard against potential liabilities. The techniques and strategies we can use to protect your hardwon assets and legacy include:


Offshore and domestic business entity formationDomestic trusts designed to safeguard assets from predatorsOffshore trusts, placing your assets beyond the jurisdiction of U.S. Courts and out of harm’s wayEquity stripping and asset isolation strategies to minimize the risks posed