The Corliss Law Group most practical view of retirement | Corliss Law Group |

Retirement, as Corliss defines it, means “you will be living on money you, yourself, saved.”


Now that is the most practical view of retirement I have ever heard anyone say. If I had known that early on, I would have been more serious in my previous life as an employee. Still with the new evolutionary phase of the matter, I can still become part of that set of happy retirees: self-funded retirement. Whoever said “It is impossible!” never heard of the powerful word Innovation.


As good as retirement plan is as a concept, funding it can certainly be a great challenge for every individual. Often, we are merely led into it as an uninterested accomplice when we join the work force. After all, money taken out of your pay regularly is like your memory of your birthplace: You do not remember how it looks until you visit it one day after so many decades. It is then you realize the value of what you have been through and what you have done in life, what you have become.


For instance, only last week, I discovered I still have some money from my previous work with private companies after I had retired from government. Poor as I am, I never realized I had still that much money hidden and also have the opportunity to borrow ten times what I have. We often value ourselves so much less than what we are really worth. Not just in terms of monetary terms but in the accomplishments we have made in the past.


Of course, that hidden windfall would not have been possible without others helping us along the way. Retirement planning, as Corliss would want to emphasize, is, therefore, taking a more active participation for your future. We cannot afford to walk blindly in life from now on.