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Copywriting, Wopycriting and more
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Rescooped by Matt McGuire from Just Story It!

Igniting Word-of-Mouth Marketing With Storytelling

Igniting Word-of-Mouth Marketing With Storytelling | Copywriting, Wopycriting and more |
Storytelling is by far the most underrated skill when it comes to business. Gary Vaynerchuk, master marketer and entrepreneur Even...

Via Dr. Karen Dietz
Matt McGuire's insight:

This is a great article on the power of word-of-mouth storytelling.


It features insights into how Domino's Pizza owned up to - and then completely owned - their negative customer feedback.


Everyone loves honesty - even from people who admit to selling millions of substandard pizzas - as seen by Domino's subsequent huge upturn in fortunes.


All hail the power of a good story!

Ellyn Winters's curator insight, April 25, 2013 1:01 PM

I'm a huge believer in storytelling in marketing, but also in sales. It is our natural form of communication in life - so why would we abandon this format when talking business? 

Jean-Marc TRESOR's curator insight, April 26, 2013 10:44 AM


Alison D. Gilbert's curator insight, May 2, 2013 4:08 PM

I love storytelling, listening and telling.

Rescooped by Matt McGuire from Just Story It!

Tell Me a Story -- 8 Tips for Powerful Narratives That Drive Social Impact

Tell Me a Story -- 8 Tips for Powerful Narratives That Drive Social Impact | Copywriting, Wopycriting and more |

An interesting article by Eric Friedenwald-Fishman for Stanford Social Innovation Review, a man who, it's safe to say, knows his marketing and communication onions (he's the creative director/president of Metropolitan Group (MG), a leading social marketing firm with offices in Chicago, Portland, Oregon, San Francisco, and Washington, DC; and co-author of Marketing That Matters, which has been translated into six languages).


In this article he talks engagingly about the power of Personality, Parable and Passion (and five other P's) when telling your organisation's story.


Originally Scooped by the irrespresible Karen Dietz at


Via Dr. Karen Dietz
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Rescooped by Matt McGuire from Just Story It!

7 Ways to Write Damn Bad Copy & Stories

7 Ways to Write Damn Bad Copy & Stories | Copywriting, Wopycriting and more |
It's obvious that creativity is an essential part of being a remarkable writer. But when a results-oriented writer says "creative" and an image-oriented

Via Dr. Karen Dietz
Matt McGuire's insight:

With a headline like that, this article makes nervous reading for professional copywriters and marketeers everywhere...


Can you make it all the way to the end without wailing, 'Oh, drat - I'm guilty of that one!'

Mike Ellsworth's curator insight, April 3, 2013 11:02 AM
Karen Dietz's insight:

You are creating content, writing stories to share, adding stories to your presentations, sharing your stories orally with clients, and you still feel like you are spinning your wheels.


So what's going on? Why aren't you getting traction with your stories?


When creating content and sharing your storiesin blogs, etc., here are the places of danger, and what you want to avoid, says author Demian Farnworth at Copyblogger. You might be too:

Lyrical (fancy words)SentimentalOutlandishHumerousShortCleverAdvertorial

ME insight:

There is some good advice in this article for any writer, online or off.

Dr. Karen Dietz's comment, April 11, 2013 11:06 AM
LOL Matt! I had the same experience :)
Mike Ellsworth's comment, April 11, 2013 11:18 AM
Yup, everyone slips into bad habits at some point . . .
Scooped by Matt McGuire!

Visual Storytelling for Marketers |

Visual Storytelling for Marketers | | Copywriting, Wopycriting and more |
Humans have been telling stories with pictures since the days of cave paintings, so we should be pretty good at it by now.


All right, want to increase your business? Then translate your business stories into videos.


I know I know, who's got the time and which is the best tool to use? Most of the stories I share with my clients happens in the board room. When I think of taking some of my business stories and creating a video or two to share on my website, I get just completely overwhelmed.


But this infographic drives home the necessity of creating these videos so that your stories can do your marketing for you. For example, for those of you who have products 85% of customers are likely to purchase a product after watching a video on your website about it. Wow!


For service businesses, 65% of the C-suite or top senior executives of the company will continue to research you after viewing one of your videos. Wow again!


There are quite a number of articles in this curated collection about tools and strategies for creating effective digital stories. So dig in, learn lots, and work creating these videos into your schedule. And I'll work hard on trying to take my own advice!


In the meantime, check out the rest of the infographic and see what other gems you can find.


This review was written by Karen Dietz for her curated content on business storytelling at ;

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