Boston, MA 11th July, 2014 - one of the high profile audio to text transcription firm in the market has confirmed that it is now accepting all audio formats customers send forth for conversion to text. The company has said that it has managed to acquire the needed technology to support all audio formats and the move will be very crucial in offering its customers flexibility in audio to text transcriptions. The transcriptionist has also welcomed potential customers to take advantage of the latest developments as soon as they can. now becomes one of the very few high profile audio to text conversion expert to accept all audio formats. The news will surely come as a great relief for customers looking to explore the services of the provider to convert audio files to text. Moving forward, has made it clear that it intends to do everything within its power to better its services so that customers working with its team can get more value for their money. The provider has also expressed its optimism that this latest development will be vital in attracting new customers in the next few months.

According to analysts in the sector although has strived everyday to rank as one of the best audio to text converter, the fact that it has managed to develop the capacity needed to accept all audio formats is by far one of the major steps forward on the right track. Observers note that not many online based audio to text converters have the capacity to accept all audio formats available and as such, there is no doubt the move will for sure give an edge in its pursuit to shake of competitors and expand its current market share.

The impact of this news is expected to be felt in the entire sector. For the best part of a decade now has continued to set the standards of quality for other audio to text consultants to follow and even in the coming months, it is highly likely that players in the sector will follow the lead has set. In any case however, has maintained that the main priority for its team at the moment is to offer great flexibility. The firm has time and again noted that its mission is to become one of the major stops for anyone looking for ideas in transcribing audio to text. As it seems, the company is sparing no efforts in achieving this goal. For more details on its services please get in touch with its team through

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