The secret to success on Twitter: Link sharing. | Convergence Journalism |

Brands’ approach to Twitter is in many ways more of an unknown than Facebook. With the way that Facebook Pages have developed, there is a very clear structure to how you run your business presence on Facebook. There is a place for your photos, video, wall updates, then tabs on the side to do pretty much whatever you want with and a clear distinction between friends and Likes. With Twitter, it’s not so straightforward.


Sure, everyone has the same basic tool to use: 140 character messages, but there’s little direction for brands. Do you post news, facilitate customer service, are you meant to @reply people who don’t follow you, how do you grow followers, when should DM and not @reply? It causes many problems for brands, who open up a Twitter account, only to leave it to die a slow death as they realise they’re not really sure how to use it for their brand or what value it can drive. A few interesting studies have been published lately that all seem to point to the same conclusion – the secret to Twitter success is driving links...

Via Martin Gysler