Hearing on texting-while-driving ban: 'Teenagers need it spelled out' - Eye On Boise - The Spokesman-Review | Controversial Current Events 4 | Scoop.it

Texting while driving is a problem we must face before we lose any more promising young people.


1) Texting while driving


2) *An 18-year-old died in a texting-while-driving accident on an Idaho freeway in January

* Parent of the victim believes that teens need it "spelled out." She believes teens do not take texting and driving as inattentive because we are proficient at it.


3) The author does not have an opinion.


4) Nope. They just give information.


6) They are very informative.


7) Teens and their parents (maybe even pre-teens)


8) None given by the author. I do believe that texting and driving is wrong though, as did the 18-year-old's mother.




The author writes his article using information and quotes from the people involved. Shauna Sauer (The victims mother), for example, said that teens needed it to be "spelled out." The author might be expressing their opinion through the facts presented. They may be trying to pursuade us to agree by not giving a direct opinion, but telling us about a tradgedy that occured because of texting and driving.