Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton has relapse with alcohol - ESPN Dallas | Controversial Current Events 2 | Scoop.it
Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton, who has battled drug and alcohol addictions, had a relapse with alcohol on Monday.

1) Josh Hamilton had a relapse with alcohol after a "personal reason with a family member" and greatly regrets his actions. Hamilton is a self proclaimed Christian and some believe he is a hypocrite.

2) * Texas Rangers baseball player Josh Hamilton Had gone to a bar after a "personal reason with a family member" and ended up having 3 or 4 drinks.

* Hamilton called the Rangers 2nd basemen Ian Kinsler to come eat with him. ( Hamilton did not drink in front of Kinsler)

* Later, Kinsler dropped Hamilton off where he needed to be and asked if Josh was going back. Josh replied he wasn't but when Kinsler left, he went right back to where they had come from and drank some more.

* Hamilton claims doing things while and after he drank that he is not proud of, but did not state anything specific.

* He asks for fans and family's forgiveness and prayers. He knows he hurt some fans and others close to him.

3) I believe the writer is trying to support Hamilton by giving the facts of his humility and desire to never do it again.

4) The opinion is not directly stated. The author gives quotes from Hamilton asking for forgiveness and offering appollogies to fans and family. He makes Hamilton seem disgusted at what he did. (and I'm sure he is.)

6) They get a lot of facts and quotes without taking an obvious side.

7) Sport fans and Hamilton fans

8) Yes. I am a huge Josh Hamilton fan and there is little the writer could have done to change my mind about him. I agree with everything the writer states.

PARAGRAPH: The author mainly uses facts and quotes to get across the point that Hamilton is not proud of his alcohol relapse. Hamilton is "going to be a man about it," and is "fessing up." He takes responsibility for his actions and the author portrays that beautifully. The author also shows Hamiltons love for his wife by quoting him saying, "I put my wife through a lot in our marriage and she's a very strong woman,". The author had enough positive things to say about Hamilton to show their sympathy and support.