Concealed Guns Without Permit Bill Fails | Control of Guns |

"A proposal to allow concealed weapons without a permit on schools and colleges is getting its first hearing."


1. this article is about the right to carry a concealed weapon without a permit, in colorado

2. The writer states these facts:

     - The democrates in the state of Colorado are voting No, and republicans say Yes.

     -Alaska, Arizona, Vermont and Wyoming have all already voted Yes to this bill in their  own states

     -Democrates disagree with this due to criminals and phycotic people

3. The  writer in this case seemed to agree with the Democrates in voting no to this bill.

4.No the writer did not state their opinion directly, but the writer was constantly metioning all the reasons not to vote for this, and rarely why to vote for it.

6. I learned that this collumist is most likely democrate and does not agree with guns to be possed without a permint.

7. This article was written to the general public of Colorado.

8. No, the writer does not give me enough information, because I would like to hear equally from both sides, not just the democrate side