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In the modern world, not everything faster is better. Sure, we like our download speeds and our pizza delivery to be lightning quick; but not necessarily our fashion.

Santoni, a leading luxury shoe brand from Italy, lives by a different creed, and a different speed: Fatto a Mano su Misura, which means “handmade bespoke,” refers to a special level of service and attention to detail. And it’s something that makes their brand a distinctive addition to Shangri-La Plaza’s East Wing.

Launching the brand last week, Asia area manager Andrea Casavecchia was in town to show us how Italian pride in artisan craftsmanship is what makes Santoni special.

To illustrate the point, he brought along shoe artisan Francesco De Santis from the company’s factory and birthplace in Macerata, a small, medieval-era town in central Italy. De Santis demonstrated the first steps of fatto a mano su misura, which is to trace and measure the clients’ feet on a sheet of paper. From the drawings and measurements, there is the meticulous creation of a wooden last, used as the model to construct the bespoke shoe, or the “build.” That involves hand tooling, hand stitching, and even hand painting by a team of artisans, some of them art students. The result? A very unique pair of shoes. The timetable? From drawing board to your feet: up to three months. [...]

Via Mariano Pallottini