Tweet Your Summer HiFi Setup Pics to @Moon_Audio

What are you listening to this summer? Share pics of your gear and you might win a custom Black Dragon V2 headphone cable!

Entering is easy!

1. Take a picture of your hifi music set up.
2. Tweet your setup pic to @Moon_Audio.

3. Our expert panel will review submissions and select their favorites.

4. Our expert panel’s favorite will win a customized 5′ Black Dragon V2 headphone cable – valued at up to $299

Enter & Vote Now! | Fostex TH-900 + Fiio X5, Portable HiFi Studio - Buenos Aires, Denon 2000 & Westone W3 In Ear Monitor, @Audeze LCD-X & @ChordAudio Hugo. Lovely!, Phil's #Summersetup #lowfi, Sennheiser HD 700 with Black Dragon V2 headphone cable, and Silver Dragon V1 IEM + JH Audio JH-16 + Sony PHA-1