Erica Campbell Byrum -, Social Fresh EAST 2014
Erica Byrum takes a bit to get rolling, you can begin watching at 1:41, but what she is saying about crowdsourcing content via contests is valuable so hang with it.

The real diamond is how contests unearth your 1% Contributors and 9% supporters. was smart enough to immediately give thier 1% a mission and I love and plan to steal the "Blogger Ambassador Program" great name add a Social Media Ambassador and you have two sticks you can rub together to create fire.

Stay with this video to hear about the power of serendipitous content their content unearthed, content was smart enough to double down on. The Contest was a flop, they thought until they stumbled over the single piece of content that "continues to give back to us this day fast forwarding 3 years later". doesn't do what I would suggest - create a page with a clear Call To Action (an ask) to join the Blogger Ambassador program. Instead they surface their 1% Contributors via contests:

I like the dedicated page that explains benefits, shares why you created the program and how your Blogger Ambassadors program. Inside of some things I don't agree with (cash is always a powerful incentive) are great tips I do agree with (surprise works, double down on what works, give 1% Contributors a job, use no more than 2 social nets at once). So more GOOD advice than BAD here.

"Contests create gifts that keep on giving" says Eric Campbell Byrum from