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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Sporcle Asks An Interesting Question, Can ?s & Games Make A Cool Site? A: Yes

Sporcle Asks An Interesting Question, Can ?s & Games Make A Cool Site? A: Yes | Contests and Games Revolution |

Questions Are A Favorite Tactic
The question is a great piece of content online. Some questions we can write and then answer. Other questions we can use to promote clicks or create a daisy chain between content.

Best UGC catcher there is? Ask a question. Words like a charm on Facebook and we are proving how effective it can be with our starup Curagami on right now ( ).

Sporcle shows the power of Q&A content. What you don't see is how powerful Q&A content is behind the Google curtain. There is something about lists and Q&A that web spiders love. After a bit Sporcle becomes a tad unnerving, but as an accent to an ecommerce or content marketing site Q&A content can be a powerful engagement and UGC generating tool #usergeneratedconent,

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Contests – Why Contests ROCK Social Media and SEO

Contests – Why Contests ROCK Social Media and SEO | Contests and Games Revolution |
Panda and Customer Friendly Google's ongoing campaign to improve the web's content quality called Panda loves customer engagement. When more people visit you
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Wrote this piece by request and after writing these steps to create successful contests in emails to several friends. Hope they help you create a cool contest that helps blow up your social media and makes Google's Panda happy. 

This is on my Blog. 

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Outlaw Josey Wales Internet Marketing Advice Contest

Outlaw Josey Wales Internet Marketing Advice Contest | Contests and Games Revolution |
Internet marketing shares humanity, warts and all, then weaves a sum is greater tapestry where YOURS, OURS and THEIRS lose value or distinction. Here's How.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Enter Your Outlaw Internet Marketing Advice into the Oulaw Josey Wales Contest. 

Enter in comments HERE or...



Atlantic BT Google Plus Page:  

Deadline: Friday February 15th

Prize: Outlaw IM Badge 

Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, February 1, 2013 11:20 AM

Outlaw Josey Wales IM Advice CONTEST
What advice do you thihnk the outlaw Josey Wales would give today's Internte marketers? Enter on Atlantic BT's Facebook page:

Don't Piss Down My Back & Tell Me Its Raining

Josey Wales had a way of using a few words to say amazing things. The article linked here discusses a company that got their Internet marketing a little right and a lot wrong. 

Writing the piece I wondered what other advice the outlaw Josey Wales would share with today's Internet marketers. What do you think? Share your outlaw advice on Atlantic BT's Facebook page:

Deadline is Friday Feburary 15th.

Prize: Outlaw Josey Wales Internet Marketing badge. 

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5 Common Contest & Games SEO Mistakes

5 Common Contest & Games SEO Mistakes | Contests and Games Revolution |
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Contests and Games & SEO
You might think it would be hard to mess up SEO when creating a contest or a game. Contests and games create so much engagement it’s all good right? Not so much as it turns out. Here are some mistakes to avoid when creating your contests and games.

5 Common Contest and Games SEO Mistakes
1. Not embedding Poll and Survey Widgets.

2. Poor Keyword Density on Key Pages.

3. Lack of Easy Social Shares.

4. Confusing Rewards or Play Instructions.

5. Mutual Exclusive and Restrictive Game Play.

The payoff for your online properties is the VOTING that most contest and games include (voting or active play are roughly the same highly engaged concept). If you use an external vendor to handle your poll or survey like Survey Monkey you give THEM the juice. Be sure to embed the poll inside your web stack.

Contests and games take off FAST so make sure you have your title and keywords aligned with what you want to rank for AND make sure what you want to rank for matters the most.

Here again we often see great content but difficult to share. Don't do that since we play for the legitimacy created by the share these days. Make sure it is EASY to share your contest or game and that you are sharing the RIGHT thing (the contest not the page). Be sure to get your via YOU credit in there too.

Confusing reward systems or play is EASY to do. Use Occam’s razor and knock your game and reward systems down to 3 easy steps or 3 levels of reward. More than 3 and you are kidding yourself. Eventually, once you have scale, you can friction back in to weed out pain the backside players that just want the fast buck. At first and all the way until you have scale make it falling off a log easy to join, play and get rewarded.

Game play and reward systems can "EAT" themselves. If your left hand is smacking your players right hand as they attempt to do what you ask them to do play will grind to a halt and viral shares will dry up. If you see a burst of players STARTING a game but not finishing find where the drop-off is and make it easier.


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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Proof Content Is Traffic Is Money Atlantic BT

Proof Content Is Traffic Is Money Atlantic BT | Contests and Games Revolution |

Wonder if highly engaging content such as contests and games pay off? Yes is the undeniable answer to that question as this study from Atlantic BT shows. 

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SEO The Game Can Be Full Of DANGER: The Long Tail Keywords In URLs SEO Gambit

SEO The Game Can Be Full Of DANGER: The Long Tail Keywords In URLs SEO Gambit | Contests and Games Revolution |
Niche Blogger III - Third Series of the Hugely Popular Niche Blogger Wordpress PLR Blog Series
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

SEO Strategy Keywords In URLs
All things being equal I want URLs that have keywords. Amazon, Facebook and Twitter are keywords NOW, but weren't then. I stipulate that there are exceptions, but keyword URLs are less marketing WORK.

Granted keyword URLs tend to be less exciting, but, again all things being equal and never having as much "create brand awareness" money as you would want or is needed web addresses (URLs) with keywords will out perform ones without.

There is a grey hat movement to create websites with long tail URLs. Imagine if you had 100 websites all with your business vertical's keywords in their URLs. You could roll up a lot of search traffic right?

Not so fast...
This pretty spammy link is pitching the long tail URL strategy. They set up a series of microsites for you and you step in for the win. Here are secrets you need to understand before buying anything:

* Random IP blocks are a must.

* Random curation will be a must.

* Random creation will be a must.


When Navneet Panda, Google's brilliant engineer, tweaked Google's machine learning algorithm they all but eliminated the long tail URL play. Who can accomplish all three of those random needs at the same time? A: No One you or I are likely to know (these guys tend to live in basements with lots of harware around them and they may not talk to actual people for days or weeks).

Even when you THINK you are being random you are NOT. If you are doing any of those three things even partially by human hand Google will see the pattern and blow up your long tail URL play.

The Math Always Wins
Here's the thing, the Math always wins (in the end), so don't stock up on a bushel of URLs. Create great, disruptive content and play within your skill set. This kind of URL and keyword arbitrage is dead for all but the most advanced black hatters. Are you black hat enough?

Answer to that question should always be NO since the over (what is to be gained) is so out of proportion to the under (what can be lost). Don't play Russian roulette with your brand, products and company, and remember...



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