Beat Gartner's Odds, Use Game On! Lab's (@gamkt) Gamification Canvas | Contests and Games Revolution |

Game On! Lab is the hub of reference to break down the game design into understandable elements and apply them to the professional environment in order to design, evaluate and solve engagement problems.

Marty Note
Sergio Jimenez (@gamkt) has done Internet marketers a great service. His has a "gamification canvas" that walks Internet marketers through the steps needed to add successful gamificaiton.

Gartner's famous report saying 80% of gamification installations would fail sets the table. Never mind 80% of all Internet marketing fails, use of Sergio's gamification canvas may just turn odds in your favor.

Important to turn odds in your favor since gamfication, done well, increases engagement, sharing and User Generated Content (UGC) all things every website needs these days.