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How I Use To Find Content Marketing's Over / Under - @Scenttrail

How I Use To Find Content Marketing's Over / Under - @Scenttrail | Content marketing automation |

Visual Marketing Over/Under or How I Use
Friends like +Phil Buckley and +Mark Traphagen are curious about how and why I use This G+ post shares a detailed analysis of how helps reduce #contentmarketing risks, provides fast feedback to influence social media marketing and creates a safe envrionment to test assumptions, create validated learning and learn fast. 

Ally Greer's insight:

We're always finding different ways to use, mostly coming from the intelligent community of curators that has manifested itself over the last few years. Specialist @Martin (Marty) Smith wrote an explanation of how he's using to gauge interest in potential original content. When his posts on do well, he is able to see what his audience likes, and create content along the same vein.

He also explains some of the SEO benefits seen by other Scoopiteers like @Brian Yanish -

Read Marty's post to find new creative ways to measure the potential success of content using and share your thoughts in the comments!

Cendrine Marrouat -'s curator insight, March 19, 2014 9:26 PM

My friend @Martin (Marty) Smith doing what he does best. :-)

He is a thought leader, and one I would trust with my eyes closed. 

Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, March 20, 2014 12:06 AM
Thanks for the share @Ally Greer. Don't like the RISK FACTORS without since each post puts modeled and valuable websites at risk. Better to test with the "fastest feedback loop in the west" :). Marty
LKGayton's curator insight, March 20, 2014 10:52 AM influences social media marketing and more...

Rescooped by Guillaume Decugis from Social Media, SEO, Mobile, Digital Marketing!

18 Social Media SEO Resources to Improve Your Search Ranking

18 Social Media SEO Resources to Improve Your Search Ranking | Content marketing automation |

Do you know how social media impacts SEO? Are your own search and social efforts aligned? 

For many marketers, it’s not always clear how social media impacts search engine optimization. 

In this article you’ll find numerous resources to help you understand how social media SEO works.

Via Kamal Bennani
Guillaume Decugis's insight:

Great recap of what you should have in mind to align your social and SEO efforts. Some of them are easy to implement tips, some of them are harder to embrace. In particular, the #1 - "publish high quality content". 

The reality is that no matter how many tips you receive or how many times you're being told to publish high quality content, creating content remains hard.

For busy professionals and businesses however, curating relevant content on your areas of expertise is more accessible: you're probably reading a lot of the content worth sharing anyway so you're just a few clicks away from publishing it and making an impact with it.

For more on how content curation helps SEO, read:

- Use Content Curation to Drive More Traffic

- Your Guide to Content Curation for SEO

dan's curator insight, February 25, 2014 3:15 PM


9Dotstrategies's curator insight, February 27, 2014 10:14 PM

Success with Social Media and SEO combined #success #socialmedia #seo

Ben Adams's curator insight, March 1, 2014 6:10 PM

Nice collection of methods and insights surrounding the use of social and SEO

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